200 hours Hari-Om Yoga Teacher Training aim to give its students a solid foundation for teaching Yoga and to stimulate participants to find their own personal path among the different and numerous approaches and techniques that exist in the world of Yoga. The professional Teacher Trainings are true Yoga immersions at their finest.


The training begins with the lunch of the first day and it ends in the morning of the last day (lunch not included).

  • Jan 5th - 25th 2019 - 3 full scholarships left!
  • Jan 26th - Feb 15th 2019 - 3 full scholarship left!

Hari-Om YTTs are always intense and challenging. We integrate tools and techniques from other traditions and practices such as Muay Thai, Zen, Taoism, Ecstatic Dance, and Dynamic Meditation because in our understanding, Yoga is a dynamic path to a deeper and complete comprehension, and many of us are past the point of being satisfied by simple explanations such as “at which degree the ankle should be placed” or “how high the arm should be raised” in an asana.

    Our Yoga Teacher Trainings include at least 4 hr a day of powerful practice and we require a strong commitment from the students who decide to join and immerse themselves in the practice. If what you're searching for is observing your perceived limits and challenging them beyond what you thought possible in a conscious way, strengthening your body and inner body, and staying consistent on a path toward power, then we invite you to join us. Allowing you to leave your comfort zone and transmute it into your practice is our aim and forte.


    Teacher Training cost: U$2,600

    The first 3 registrations will receive a full scholarship - 50% off - tuition U$1300 instead of U$2600
    From the 4th to the 10th registration half scholarship - 25% off - tuition U$1950 instead of U$2600
    (The discount doesn't apply to students who don't pay the full course amount)

    The price of tuition includes training teachings, course materials, yoga teacher Certification recognized by Yoga Alliance.


    La Buena Vida Hotel

    • Quad Occupancy: U$1,430
    • Triple Occupancy: U$1,470
    • Double Occupancy: U$1,630
    • Single Occupancy: U$1,970

    Boarder's Heaven Hostel

    • Double occupancy: U$1,290
    • Single Occupancy: U$1,450

    Please Note: the upgrade from any type of accommodation to a higher category, inplies the payment of the difference in amount related to the entire duration of the course and is subject to availability.

    *Prices include: 

    -Transportation to and from Santa Catalina - Panama City.

    -Herbal teas before morning practice, brunch, fruit and herbal teas in the afternoon break & dinner.

    -One towel and bed sheets change every week.

    Course Information                    

    To see 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training Program click here.
    To see teaching materials and suggested bibliography click here.

    Schedule Sample

    06.00 - 08.00 am Practice
    08.00 - 09.00 am Breakfast
    09.00 - 12.15 pm Lecture
    12.30 - 02.45 pm Lunch & Break
    02.45 - 04.45 pm Lecture
    05.00 - 07.00 pm Practice
    07.00 - 08.00 pm Dinner