Massage Therapy is received in the relaxing environment of our Bird's Eye View Treetop Studio.  To schedule a treatment communicate with Rafa or Elena in La Buena Vida reception, call or WhatsApp +507 6572-0664  / +507 6771-7751  Scroll below to read more about our services and qualified massage therapists.  

menu of massage services 

Relaxing Swedish Massage

Light to medium pressure is applied to promote circulation and overall relaxation.

30 minutes $40

60 minutes $65

90 minutes $90


Medium to deep pressure is applied with a focus on areas of chronic tension and pain. Myofascial techniques, trigger point release and passive stretching is combined to access the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia.

30 minutes $45

60 minutes $70

90 minutes $100


Integrated massage incorporating Swedish, Reflexology and Aromatherapy. Orgonite pyramids are applied to the chakras for energetic rebalancing.

30 minutes $45

60 minutes $70

90 minutes $100


East meets West on the massage table with this mixture of deep tissue massage and Ashiatsu (Japanese foot pressure), walking on your back with the use of bars overhead.  Specific strokes are applied to create structural change in chronic soft tissue damage and provide deep relaxation.

60 minutes $80

90 minutes $110

our therapists

Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller was Nationally Certified in Massage and Hydrotherapy having graduating from the highly accredited Florida School of Massage in the year 2000.  There she studied Swedish massage, reflexology, deep/connective tissue, trigger point therapy, sports massage, and Shiatsu.  Later, she furthered her training in Thai, pregnancy massage and Ashiatsu treatments (where she walks on you!).  She mixes all of the above to create a healing massage that is right for your specific needs.

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Reina Hernandez

Reina has studied many alternative therapies.

Imposition of Hands, 4th level

Thai Massage

Relaxing Massage

Foot Reflexology

Management of semi-precious stones and the use of Orgonites for the balance of chakras

She has been working since 1999 creating her own method of work.