Hiking Locally

There are a handful of local trails here in Santa Catalina...

The coastal trail to Punta Roca is easily navigable and provides a wonderful way to see local residents still living “off the grid.  Cross the river at town beach and you will find a trail where the land meets the sea.  There is a few rolling hills and local homes you pass through as you walk through nature, and eventually see a small swimming cove and then Punta Roca surf break.  This is about 1.5 hours round trip.

Crest Trail is the latest edition to a slew of activities here in Santa Catalina.  It provides 360 degree views from the top of a hill, including the valley towards Agua Blanca, all surf breaks and the Gulf of Montijo.  To access Crest Trail walk up the main road as if you are going out of town toward Sona.  You will see an entrance on the left side just past the cantina “Brisas del Mar”.  The trail is a loop, quite steep in parts, but well marked.  It’s 2.14 kilometers, or about 1.5 miles and can easily be done in less than an hour.  Definitely take a camera!

Agua Blanca- This hike should be done with a local guide.  It is about 12 k roundtrip, so you may want to consider doing it on horseback.  To access the “Camino Real” or public right away to Agua Blanca, continue straight on the road where Crest Trail begins and go through the red gate.  This meanders along the river, through the valley and eventually to another village, Agua Blanca.  You can arrange lunch with a local family, or buy some refreshments at the local store before you head back, either the same way or returning along the coast.  There are about 30+ cow gates involved in this, hence the guide.


Hiking in Coiba National Park

 Hiking in Coiba National Park will provide you a greater opportunity to see more wildlife such as crocodiles, monkeys, scarlet macaws, iguanas and the Coiba Agouti. If you prefer to focus your Coiba Trip around hiking, or have a balance of activities, both on land and underwater, we highly recommend eco guide Javier ElizondoOR going with a local captain (verse a dive shop). 
Here is a list of their contacts:

Javier Elizondo www.birdcoiba.com  javier@birdcoiba.com (507) 6544-1806

Jorje Espinosa at Watching Dolphin (507) 66664272

Victoriano Ortega Roja “Chente” at Pana Adventur (507) 67256264