Santa Catalina still remains a relatively "undeveloped" travel destination, but for those of you who first visited or came here some time ago, you have definitely seen it change.  When Mike and I first arrived here in 2005 there were only five hotels or guest houses, and five owner/operated restaurants.  We now count well over thirty (3-0!) lodging options and nearly as many dining choices!  In 2005 there was only one dive shop, and now you can find no less than six!  Change is inevitable, and with it, it's brought new roads, better infrastructure and some technology.  All this change has helped Santa Catalina to gain more notoriety for its world class surf break and also as the gateway to Coiba National Park.  We are definitely receiving more International tourism now that Santa Catalina provides more amenities and activities to meet individual needs.

Though with so many hotels, restaurants and tour operators cropping up it seems that each business should find its own unique offering that helps distinguish itself from the many others.  Mike and I, forever the artists, and thankfully with an abundance of creativity are constantly reviewing our business and looking for ways to grow and change with the needs of the community.  When reflecting, one thing that always stands out for me is how grateful I am to have the Bird’s Eye View Yoga Studio, or as I refer to it as “my sanctuary”.  Lately it has occurred to me that we are doing it... We are building a local yoga community!!!  When I say "we", I mean everybody!  We now have approximately twenty yogi/nis who have yoga packages and come to class regularly.  We’ve hosted many retreats with visiting instructors, and other styles of movement therapy such as Body Art, Dance, and Zumba to name a few.  I have been so thankful for everyone's interest and dedication to attending and teaching regular yoga classes at La Buena Vida.  This has been our unique offering for many years, and though that may be growing and changing as well, I am proud to have served as a catalyst for the introduction to yoga in Santa Catalina.  This next season we intend to offer 1-2 daily yoga classes and will have no less than three instructors providing a variety of styles to meet everyone’s needs.  Come by and experience a yoga class in “the sanctuary” of our studio, as it’s a great way to start an OMnificent day!