We are pleased to present a wide variety of offerings for the 2017 season in our beautiful Bird's Eye View Yoga Studio.  We are now five instructors regularly giving and sharing classes.  From "Movement & Meditation" to Ashtanga with Kundalini in between, there is something for everyone, especially as we welcome all levels to class.  One of the ways we found closure for 2016 was through Andreja Ivic's beautiful New Moon Circle last month.  This was a women's circle in which we created sacred space for one another to reflect on the past and magnify each other's intentions for the future, together.

Join us this month for a Women's Full Moon Gathering! During this time the Moon is at its fullest, she shines her brightest, and illuminates the sky. This is an optimum time to see what has come forth at this midpoint in her cycle, and release once again. It is a culmination point, a crescendo that offers a time to vision, to see the truth that has presented itself and take action before the waning period begins again.  Please Join us January 12th for this full moon in cancer at 5 p.m.  Wear something beautiful to adorn yourself and bring a sacred piece or earth offering to bless.  EVENT FEE: $10 **Please send a text to reserve a spot!** Andreja - 507 6 561 9759 

Welcome Ian

Welcome Ian

When we recently asked for a new manager, “The Universe”, and Ian Pescod heard our call!  We are happy to welcome Ian to the Buena Vida family.  Though only here for just over a week, we can already tell that he is a wonderful new addition to our team.  With Ian’s background in International business, marketing and YOGA he has been contributing new energy and ideas with thoughtful intention.  We’re excited for what this season has in store; as we envision gourmet coffee, a wide array of holistic massage treatments, yoga/Pilates classes and more artistic endeavors on the horizon.  If you are in Santa Catalina or Panama, stop by to meet Ian and see all our new projects firsthand.  If Panama is a faraway adventure from home we invite you to switch to “airplane mode”, pack your bags and stay for a while enjoying the “good life” in this authentic, tropical paradise we call home.  Los esperamos (we’re waiting for you)!

Building A Yoga Community

Building A Yoga Community

Santa Catalina still remains a relatively "undeveloped" travel destination, but for those of you who first visited or came here some time ago, you have definitely seen it change.  When Mike and I first arrived here in 2005 there were only five hotels or guest houses, and five owner/operated restaurants.  We now count well over thirty (3-0!) lodging options and nearly as many dining choices!  In 2005 there was only one dive shop, and now you can find no less than six!  Change is inevitable, and with it, it's brought new roads, better infrastructure and some technology.  All this change has helped Santa Catalina to gain more notoriety for its world class surf break and also as the gateway to Coiba National Park.  We are definitely receiving more International tourism now that Santa Catalina provides more amenities and activities to meet individual needs.

Though with so many hotels, restaurants and tour operators cropping up it seems that each business should find its own unique offering that helps distinguish itself from the many others.  Mike and I, forever the artists, and thankfully with an abundance of creativity are constantly reviewing our business and looking for ways to grow and change with the needs of the community.  When reflecting, one thing that always stands out for me is how grateful I am to have the Bird’s Eye View Yoga Studio, or as I refer to it as “my sanctuary”.  Lately it has occurred to me that we are doing it... We are building a local yoga community!!!  When I say "we", I mean everybody!  We now have approximately twenty yogi/nis who have yoga packages and come to class regularly.  We’ve hosted many retreats with visiting instructors, and other styles of movement therapy such as Body Art, Dance, and Zumba to name a few.  I have been so thankful for everyone's interest and dedication to attending and teaching regular yoga classes at La Buena Vida.  This has been our unique offering for many years, and though that may be growing and changing as well, I am proud to have served as a catalyst for the introduction to yoga in Santa Catalina.  This next season we intend to offer 1-2 daily yoga classes and will have no less than three instructors providing a variety of styles to meet everyone’s needs.  Come by and experience a yoga class in “the sanctuary” of our studio, as it’s a great way to start an OMnificent day!   


Yoga Spa Break

 Yoga Spa Break at La Buena Vida

Join Lisa Tai in the Bird's Eye View Yoga Studio at La Buena Vida Hotel this Saturday, June 18th

$45-dollar all-inclusive package includes...

9 to 10:30am: a special #Restorative #Flow #Yoga class

10:45am: smoothies, snacks, socializing

Services start at 11am

Hand Therapy (manicure with hand massage)

Facial (cleansing mask) with head,  neck, shoulder massage)

Aromatherapy Foot Soak


Services also available a la carte.


Reserve your spot by emailing labuenavidahotel@gmail.com / lisataiyoga@gmail.com or come by and visit us at La Buena Vida!

 La Buena Vida Yoga Spa Break  

La Buena Vida Yoga Spa Break  



Positive Vibrations, Nature's Inspiration, Growth & Transformation

Since the beginning of May, the nourishment from the almost-daily rainfalls has brought our surroundings to life, encouraging vibrancy, growth & transformation. Inspired by nature, now is an opportune time to take a cue from our outdoor environment and raise our own vibration.

Everything in the universe is vibrating at different frequencies. Various factors contribute to the lowering and heightening of these energetic vibrations.

We invite you to join us on our CHALLENGE by making a commitment to yourself, a commitment to small changes to raise your vibration. From Monday, May 30th to Friday, June 3rd, Lisa & Michelle will guide you on this 5-day path of wellness (a COMPLIMENTARY service).

Vibration, quite literally, equals movement. So the first item on our agenda will be an early morning walk/hike/jog/run to get the body moving! We'll meet at La Buena Vida at 7:30am, and proceed on our chosen route for the day.

While we won't prescribe a particular nutritional regime, we suggest practising mindfulness of your food/beverage consumption. Think about what you would like to reduce or eliminate from your diet. Perhaps,  you could focus on cutting out sugar, eating only plant -based foods, drinking less coffee, chewing more slowly, choosing less processed foods, eating mostly raw, or taking a break from alcohol.

Meditation can seem intimidating, but it's really just about cultivating awareness. Try sitting or laying down and bring attention to your breathing. This practice strengthens and focuses your mind, and empowers you to change your thoughts from negative to positive. Meditation helps to clear stagnant energy and connect you with higher levels of consciousness.

Of course, we highly recommend YOGA! It's benefits are far -reaching and it is actually an all-encompassing system that includes all of the aforementioned. After our morning walk, you can head home or to the beach to practice some yoga postures. Or you can conveniently participate in Lisa's 9am Slow Flow Yoga class at La Buena Visa's Bird's Eye View Yoga Studio.

writen by Lisa Tai  

 Andrea Cacace raising her vibration

Andrea Cacace raising her vibration

Retreat Sign-Up

Retreat Sign-Up


Retreats for the slightly less motivated who may not touch their toes.
Basic Principals to inspire daily movement and practice.

Retiros para los menos motivados que no alcanzan a tocar sus dedos de los pies.
Principios basicos que inspiran el movimiento y la practica diaria.

June/Junio 9-12, August/Augosto 4-6, September/Septimbre 15-18

Please fill out this form below to sign-up or inquire further:
Por favor rellene este formulario para inscribirse o solicitar información adicional

New Yoga Tank Arrivals!

New Yoga Tank Arrivals!

We've been featuring the yoga tanks of Agua Marina in our gift shop for a few months now. However, this past week the designer of the tanks was able to come visit and with her she brought a fresh batch of designs! Make sure to stop by soon to check out the new tanks plus jewelry (including mala bead necklaces and Thai freshwater pearls!) Thank you Melissa for the cute new tanks, we can't wait for your next visit!


Welcome, Lisa!

Welcome, Lisa!

We're so excited to welcome our new yoga instructor and massage therapist, Lisa Tai. Lisa comes to us from Toronto, Canada. Her yoga styles and training include: Hatha, Vinyasa, Creative Flow, Restorative, and Yin. Her massage training includes Thai Massage and Aromatherapy. To read more about her background and experience, check out her website: www.lisataiyoga.wordpress.com. To see the new class schedule and read her full bio head over to our Yoga & Massage page. 

"Yoga For The Rest Of Us" Retreats

"Yoga For The Rest Of Us" Retreats

"Retreats for the slightly less motivated who may not touch their toes".

Join resident instructor, Miller Miller, for three nights learning basic principles to inspire daily movement and practice:
June 9th-12th
August 4th-6th
September 15th-18th

Starting at *$249 INCLUDES: 
Three nights stay, three yoga clases, all breakfast + lunch, surf lesson or horseback riding excursion, plus guided hike!

Quadruple Occupancy (Casa Del Mar; bi-level studio with full kitchen) $249

Triple Occupancy (butterfly villa) $269

Double Occupancy (bird villa) $299

Single Private Occupancy (gecko villa OR Las Casitas) $375

Double Private Occupancy (gecko villa OR Las Casitas) *This price includes

2 persons $509

5 nights: Stay on another two nights plus add four meals, roundtrip transportation from Panama City and a day trip to Coiba National Park!

August 4-9

September 15-20

Quadruple Occupancy (Casa Del Mar; bi-level studio with full kitchen) $690

Triple Occupancy (butterfly villa) $715

Double Occupancy (bird villa) $765

Single Private Occupancy (gecko villa OR Las Casitas) $890

Double Private Occupancy (gecko villa OR Las Casitas) *This price includes 2 persons $1,315


Merlot & Mixed Media Mosaic

Merlot & Mixed Media Mosaic

Michelle recently started sharing her passion with the public.  Create a frame, mirror or inspirational quote in a two day workshop (3 hours each afternoon) for just $50 per person, including the Merlot! 

She's already hosted two successful workshops, stay tuned for the next one! If you'd like to book a private workshop please email: labuenavidaevents@gmail.com